Massachusetts: Issue-Based Signature Collection

On behalf of SEIU 1199’s Fair Care Community Health Campaign, our 2015 signature-collection operation advanced a ballot initiative by gathering and certifying 131,683 signatures in 320 separate cities and towns across the state—in just 53 days. Working against steep time constraints, geographical requirements, and several other issue campaigns with simpler and more attractive messages, we exceeded the legal threshold by nearly 10,000 signatures certified by clerks’ offices. The operation consisted of fourteen organizers and verification specialists working in multiple offices, scaled over a seven-week period from five shifts on Day One to more than 75 at its closing. Additionally, the effort integrated an Election Day program that collected 6,675 signatures in 134 shifts over nine hours. The campaign’s recruitment strategy reflected its community-based messaging and focus, allowing us to strategically hire, train, and manage canvassers.

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